Thursday, January 26, 2012

AAR German Light Panzer Company vs French Infantry.

For the first time this year, I got to take my EW German Panzers out for a run.  Freshly augmented with my new Kradschutzen Platoon I had high hopes for their new recon capabilities.  But once again fate has a way throwing a wrench into the plan.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, I forgot to take them till the game was well developed.

Location: Phil’s Basement
Players: Phil Gardocki, Leichte Panzerkompanie (defender)
                Steve Turn, French Infantry  (attacker)
Game: Flames of War 1500 points

The Forces:
Leichte Panzerkompanie
(defender) 6 platoons containing 3 Panzerbefehlswagens, a recovery vehicle, 4 Pz I’s, 9 Pz IIc’s, 4 Pz III’s, 7 Kradschutzen teams (4 MG’s, Mortar, Light AT, and Leader)

French Infantry (attacker) 8 platoons containing 5 platoons of infantry, 5 Panhards, 5 47m AT Guns on Laffeys, and 4 75mm towed guns.

The Board:
4 by 6 feet. A town (bog check on various walls, cover in buildings) dominates the center of the board.  On the defenders left are numerous wheat fields.  (no bog checks, cover for infantry and small vehicles)   On the defenders right, in the defensive area were woods (bog check, cover), a stream (bog check), and a ravine (skill check to bog, cover).  In the defenders deployment zone there was a rough field (bog check, no cover)

Mission: Encounter.

This was the first curveball.  This mission requires a die roll for who the attacker and defenders are.  It also has scattered and delayed reserves.  So both sides are fighting at half strength for at least 3 turns.  As it rolled, the Panzers were on defense.  The odd thing about this mission is that it doesn’t matter which is offense of defense, both have a goal of taking one of the other sides objectives.

Deployment:Leading with my lights, I placed one Light Panzer Platoon on the left, in the woods, along with the 1IC and the recovery vehicle.  On the right was the other Light Panzer Platoon.  In the middle was the 2IC with a Kampfgruppe of 2 Kradschutzen MG teams.

Facing me on my left were the battery of four, French, fast firing 7.5’s.  With the special ability that each cannon fires as 1.5 cannons, so it counted as 6 guns, and thus reroll misses.  Screening them was a platoon of Panhard armored cars.  On the right, in the woods were two infantry platoons.  One was very large, with 12 teams and 3 ammo carriers.  PC, 4x R/Mg, VB, 2xHMG. attached, 1iC, 60mm mortar, 2x 25mm ATG, 3x UE supply carriers, artillery spotter.
First move, left side, Liechte Panzer Platoon in the woods, supported by the 1iC and an ARV.

First move, right side, Liechte Panzer Platoon approaching the gap between rough ground, the town, and a ravine.  Mid town, the 2iC follows his Kradschutzen.  Observed by a single Panhard.  A large Platoon of French infantry is in the woods. (Platoon Commander, 4x R/Mg, VB, 2xHMG. attached, CiC, 60mm mortar, 2x 25mm ATG, 3x UE supply carriers, artillery spotter)  A second French Infantry Platoon (Platoon Commander, 2x HMG, 2x R/Mg. attached 2iC) being used as a maneauver element.

French Deployment Left.  Those are 7.5cm guns along the table edge, with Panhards operating closer to the town.

Deployment Long View.  French 75's on the left, objective in front of them.  Panhards in a line close to the town.  In the woods, off in the distance, is an Infantry Platoon.  A single Pz II is visible on the lower right.  In town are a pair of Kradschutzen.  Above the town is a Lichte Panzer Platoon.

Turn 1:
Thinking I did not want those 75’s to have free rein on the board, I decided to go after them.  So my left Light Panzer Platoon, Supported by the 1iC and the ARV broke from the tree-line to charge, taking advantage of the dubious cover of the wheat fields.  One bogged on the move, but the ARV was there to help on the next turn.  The main problem was that while my tanks look like tanks, the Panzer I’s and the Panzerbefehlswagens move like half-tracks.  So their advance wasn’t so much of a charge but an oozing from the woods.

In the middle, the Kradschutzen entered the town, while the right flank Light Tank Platoon approached the infantry Platoon in the woods, but not as cautiously as they should.  Not knowing some of the French special rules.  Like the ammo carriers that allow double fire.  Luck was with me, as the firestorm from the woods only caused a Pz I to bail.

Meanwhile, a single Panhard got a shot on my Kradschutzen in the town, and managed to kill it, while its partner was forced to retreat and reorganize, leaving only my 2iC to defend the town.

Turn 2:
Left side.  My charge across the field truly bogged down, as the two center tanks were bailed and bogged, forcing unit integrity issues and preventing the advance of the rest of the platoon.  The exchange of fire with the Panhards caused no problems with either side.

In the middle, the 2iC traded shots with the hanging Panhard.

On the right, realizing that the Infantry platoon was going to destroy my Liechte Panzers if they stuck around, so I retreated the Platoon to behind the town.  The only exception was the bailed Pz I.  The French must have smelled blood and started leaving the safety of the woods.  While their HMG Platoon, advanced through the ravine (which provided full cover) to set up a fire base to pelt the bailed panzer steadily. 

Turn 3
No reserves in sight.  The tank charge is finally taking shape, forcing the Panhards to withdraw, the way to the guns is open.

In the town, the remaining Kradschutzen joined the 2iC to maintain dubious control of the towns crossroads.  The 2iC managed to destroy the contesting Panhard.  The right side light tanks fired back to at the HMG Platoon, but to no avail.

The French succeeded in rolling the first of their reserves, 5 4.7cm guns on Laffey trucks, and ran them towards the left side Panzer Platoon.  While on my left, the HMG Platoon pelted the still bailed Pz I with all it had, some 16 dice worth.

Turn 4
German Reserves arrive!  The smart choice probably would have been to bring in the Panzer III Platoon, but I just finished painting the Kradschutzen, and I was going to play them.  With a 3+ save, an AT gun, mortar team, and ROF of 3, they should make short work on the Laffey trucks.  The left most Lichte Panzer Platoon had to make a choice.  Work over the Laffeys, which can kill them, or work over the 75’s which could kill everyone.  In the end they were team players, and destroyed one gun, and both infantry staff teams, reducing the effectiveness of the guns for the rest of the game.  But at a cost of the entire platoon, 1iC included.

In the center, the large French Infantry platoon left the woods to try to get into the town, but took a team loss in the crossing, was pinned, and then opted to head back to the woods for cover.
The HMG Platoon, while still working over the bailed Pz I, but also started advancing teams to assault the beleaguered tank.

French reserves continued to arrive, reinforcing the now depleted Cannon Battery.
Panhards to the right of them, Laffeys to the left of them, Cannon in front of them, Volley'd and thunder'd.  Storm'd at with HE and AP, Boldly they rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell, Rode the Liechte Platoon.  <apologies to Lord Tennyson> The Charge of the Liechte Platoon? I think that title has been taken already. 

Turn 5
No German reserves in sight.  With the destruction of the left Panzer Platoon, the newly arriving Kradschutzen Platoon saw no percentages in charging both the Laffeys and Panhards, supported by a, albeit weakened, cannon battery, and drove for cover into the woods, where one team bogged, and drew a bombardment from the 75’s.

Despite having the 1iC attached, the French Infantry platoon in the woods stayed pinned.  MG fire from the Panzers in the town managed to kill another team.

On the right, the main Panzer force whipped around the town, and got a good shot at the HMG Platoon, killing all but one team, causing a morale check which the French failed.
French reserves continued to arrive, reinforcing the forces in the woods.

Turn 6
German Reserves arrive!  I decided on the Panzer II’s, as I was going to have to charge a line of AT Guns, I would rather lose the lights than the mediums.  I double timed them to the edge of town, but out of sight of the Panhard/Laffey firing line.

On the left, the bogged Kradschutzen, continued to draw bombardment from the 75’s.

Despite having the 1iC attached, the French Infantry platoon in the woods stayed pinned. MG fire from the Panzers in the town managed to kill another team.

And at last, the crew of the lonely bailed Panzer I, found their way back into their tank, and drove it off looking for their Platoon Commander. 

French reserves continued to arrive, reinforcing the cannon battery.

Panzer II's try to stealthly approach the combined Panhard/Laffey firing line. Panzer I's by the church are covered from AT fire, but can fire MG at the rest of the French Infantry in the woods. When did the Panzer II on the right get destroyed? I have no idea.

Turn 7
The last of the German Reserves arrive, 4 Panzer III’s.  It later occurred to me that at 160 points per tank, this platoon alone was 40% of my force.  Talk about fighting with one hand behind your back.

Coming in from the far left side of the board, the Panzer III’s approached to Long Range, 24”, from the Panhards, but out of 24” from the Laffeys.  If the Laffeys wanted a shot, they would have to move.  With the Panzer III's firing with a ROF of one, the Panhards opted to flee before combat, and succeeded. That was OK with me, as that means they will not be a factor next turn.

The Kradschutzen team finally unbogged, and the platoon started to drive towards the Laffey firing line.

I tried to move the Panzer II platoon to attack the Laffly trucks, but the movement wasn’t there to get more than one tank to fire, so I moved through the town to a better position.

Finally the French Infantry platoon in the woods unpinned, only to see all possible ways to the town were well covered.

Also on the left, were two fresh French Infantry Platoons.  One was trying to dig in near the objective, the other going for cover in a forward position in the wheat fields.

The Lafflys, advanced and took a long range shot at the Panzer III’s, but caused no hits.  Neither did a barrage from the 75’s. 

Panzer III's arrive. The Panhards withdrew before fire. All the burning vehicles are German. The Kradschutzen on the far right are both bogged and pinned, but has survived two bombardments unscathed.

Turn 8.
The Panzer III’s had a choice of firing at long range with a ROF of 3, or move to short range, but with a ROF of 1.  Since the Laffeys were armor 0, they opted to fire at long range, destroying or bailing 4 of the 5 Laffeys.  The Panzer II’s leaped out from town and picked off the remaining trucks.  It was at this point, with all the French AT assets burning or out of position, and with 3 Fresh German Platoons vectoring in on the objective, that the French Commander surrendered.

Final action. All the Laffeys are burning grey smoke, while all the white smoke is from the Liechte Panzer Platoons earlier "charge".  Coming out of the town is a fresh Panzer II force, on the road are the Kradschutzen. Neither French Infantry Platoons have managed to dig in.

This was a long and brutal fight.  And both of us thought I had lost this game till the very end.

Lessions Learned.
Don't be afraid to pull out of a losing fight.  Pulling the right hand Liechte Panzer Platoon back prevented it's destruction, and kept 3 enemy platoons from doing anything useful for the rest of the game.

The Kradschutzen was nothing but a target this game.  But I think that had to do more with the mission than anything else.  No ambushes to reveal, late arrival.  They need a lot of room, and should lead the pack.

Remember, they are half tracks.  They may look like tanks, and have a top armor of 1, but the Panzer I's and Panzerbefehlswagens, move like half tracks.  It really came into play with the terrain.  Charging from the woods and then only moving 4 inches.

AAR The Battle of St. Zoot the Naughty

"Monty’s Pythons", the 2nd Squadron, 22nd Regiment "Canadian Grenadier Guards",  4th Canadian Armored Division, was severely mauled in their first encounter with the Germans.  They suffered 88% heavy equipment loses (82% combat causes, while the Armored Recovery Vehicle was double bogged and abandoned), then stripped of their surviving infantry assets, who read their manual and declared that engineers will not be used to assault prepared positions again.
They recovered with their missing ‘D’ Troop, who missed the last fight, after a lost and bewildered Lieutenant Gilliam was found doodling strange cartoons on the maps.  The Squadron was reconstituted with new equipment, and about 40% trained replacements before being  deemed ready to be sent to fight again. 
While 1st and 3rd Squadrons were given the panache jobs as pincers for the next attack, the Pythons were given the job defeating the enemy’s rear guard conducting a fighting withdrawal action near St. Zoot.

Location: Phil’s Basement
Players: Phil Gardocki, Canadian Armored Company (attacker)
                 Ed Bernhard, German… (defender)
Game: Flames of War 1600 points
The Forces:
Monty’s Pythons: (Confident, Trained)
14 Shermans, 4 Fireflies in 4 Troops of 4 tanks each.  1 ARV, 1 recon  Troop of 3 Stuarts.
Germans (Confident, Vet)
10 Pz IV’s in 2 Platoons,  one Platoon of 3 Tiger 1’s , one Platoon of SS Foot (Fearless Vet)
Mission: Fighting Withdrawal.  Attacker wins if he is holding an objective in the beginning of his turn.  Defender can remove an objective on turn 6 and on turn 7.  After turn 3 the defender may be required to withdrawal a platoon.
The Board:
4 by 6 feet.  A town (bog check on various walls, cover in buildings) dominates the center of the board.  On the attackers left are numerous wheat fields.  (no bog checks, cover for infantry and small vehicles)   On the attackers right, in the defensive area were woods (bog check, cover), a stream (bog check), and a ravine (skill check to bog, cover).   In the attackers deployment zone there was a rough field (bog check, no cover)

St. Zoot dominates the center of the field.  The Monty's Pythons deployed right.  Some Panzers are deployed near the ravine, the remaining Panzers are off camera to the bottom left.
Germans on the left look much to robust to assault.

The Germans deployed a Pz IV platoon in the far left wheat fields.  The Tiger Platoon in the wheat fields near the town, and the other Pz IV platoon to the right of the town of St Zoot.  The SS Platoon was in ambush.  All combat platoons were deployed in the forward zones of the deployment area except for the staff teams.
Seeing this Captain Palin decided weight his attack on the right.  While there was much more difficult terrain there, there were far fewer Tigers.  He issued orders to ‘A’ Troop, “Lieutenant Cleese!” 
“Oh, its you", replied the Lieutenant.
“I want you to take your Troop and razzle-dazzle those Tigers and Panzers, keep at long range, throw smoke, stay alive, that sort of thing, but don’t let them leave that area”, ordered Captain Palin.
“What am I supposed to do, use Harsh Language?” exclaimed Lieutenant Cleese.
“Do as you see fit, I just don’t want to requisition another two braces of tanks for ‘A’ Troop today.”
But Lieutenant Cleese continued to nag, “While you are at it, you could requisition a decent ARV, that one we got is just a turretless Cromwell with some chains hanging off of it.”
“Lieutenant Idle!”
“Yes Sir!”
“Take your Stuarts and scout out the town.”
“Say No More!”
“Lieutenants Gilliam and Chapman, you are with me on the right. And we are throwing the book out the window.  We are not going to stand off at a distance and shoot it out, we are going to get in close and look for flanks.” 
“Far too silly, I’ll have none of it”, replied Lieutenant Chapmen.
“It’s just a model”, complained Lieutenant Gilliam.
“Right, lets head to, Camelot!”
Cue background music…

Recon Move:
The Canadian Recon teams started their engines racing towards the St. Zoot and the nearest Panzers, a total move of 1”.
“Found them sir!” reported Lieutenant Idle.
“I can see that”, sighed Captain Palin.  “Carry on!”
“Say!  No!  MORE!” confirmed Lieutenant Idle, with both an irritating cadence and capitalization.

Turn 1:
The Stuarts advanced at full speed.   Running up the edge of the town and closed to very short range of the nearest panzers.  Behind them came barreling ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’ Troops.  ‘B’ headed for St. Zoot, while ‘C’ and ‘D’ motored to the closest Panzer IV.  ‘D’ Troop shot, destroying the first Panzer, but in so doing, masked any further shots from ‘C’ Troop. 
On the left, ‘A’ Troop's Lieutenant Cleese gave the orders to Sergeant Manuel, “Manuel, you useless spic, take Harsh Language over to that wall and give them what for.”
The rest of ‘A’ Troop did its best to smoke the Tigers, but only succeeded in smoking one, while Harsh Language’s 7.6cm gun only managed to make loud noise.
The Germans in their turn moved two Tigers forward, and the third turned on its side to cover all the approach routes.   Out of the buildings in the middle of the town flooded the SS troopers, set to swarm the Sherman’s of Troop ‘B’.   The Tigers and the Two Panzer IV’s on Canadian right fired, but to no effect.  The one Tiger behind St. Zoot killed the leading Stuart.  In the assault phase, the SS attacked Troop ‘B’, with the net effect of SS loosing 3 teams and retreating back into St. Zoot, but two of the Sherman’s were bailed from the combat.
Knocked from his tank, Lieutenant Idle ran for another in his Troop, with that, the recon Troop made a forced withdrawal move.

“What a stupid location!  Just when you get a view, someone interrupts you, never giving you time to look, and all you wanted was to scan the trinkets, and they go and hand you a those hard breakfast rolls before crowding  you onto the bus, showing you factories that make things you would never want in a million years…”
“Lieutenant Idle.  Shut!  Up!”
“Say no more!”

Turn 2:
Seeing how ineffective the smoke worked earlier, ‘A’ Troop’s Sherman’s took up positions next to the Firefly, “Harsh Language”, enjoying the dubious cover afforded by a collapsing stone wall.  ‘B’ Troop kept position to shoot at the surviving SS, now holed up in some buildings.   ‘C’ and ‘D’ Troops raced for the objective, compressing their frontage so as to reduce their firepower.
“All right, let’s see how Jerry likes Harsh Language”, muttered Lieutenant Cleese.
The Firefly spoke, hit, the Tiger’s armor save failed, and Harsh Language rolled successful firepower check, one Tiger dead, the first heavy tank I have ever killed in this game.
Troop ‘B’ shot at the SS troopers with their unbogged tanks killing one team, but in the assault phase, the assaulting tank also bogged on the defending wall.   After the firing stage, the Fearless Veterans bravely ran away.  Meanwhile, ‘C’ and ‘D’ Troops combined firepower destroyed the rightmost German Panzer Platoon.
The German Tigers split their fire, shooting at ‘A’ and ‘C’ Troops, but only caused a bail.  Their 1IC and 2IC advanced also shooting at ‘C’ Troop, but to no effect.  Their remaining Panzer IV Platoon, seeing that their objective was not going to be targeted, began a pullout for a redeployment onto the other side of the board.
End of Turn 2. Remains of SS Infantry in St. Zoot (center). Lieutenent Idle's destroyed Stuart next to the die.  The objective is not yet contested.

Left flank Panzers advance. Leftmost Tiger is smoked, Center Tiger is smoking, third Tiger is covering the approaches to the rear of St. Zoot.
Turn 3:
‘A’ Troop, feeling emboldened after the Tiger strike, split up, leaving “Harsh Language” to trade shots with the remaining Tiger in front of them, while the rest of the Troop plowed through the town to strike at the flank of the 3rd Tiger.  Much ammo was spent in the effort, but in the end, the only smoke was from the spent shells.
‘B’ Troop, mostly unbogged, but lacking in targets, initiative, or space to maneuver, and just stayed put.
Captain Palin, leading from behind, pushed ‘C’ and ‘D’ Troops over the objective, securing it for the attackers.  Most of ‘C’ and ‘D’ took shots at the German 1IC and 2IC, finishing them off.
At this point, with the objective secure in Canadian hands, and with the nearest German more than 16 inches away, that the Germans surrendered.   It was a very quick game.
Monty's Pythons secure the objective.
End Game.  All possible teams that could contest the objective are either flanked, or hammered.  Not a pretty picture, nor a clear one either, sorry.

Lessons Learned.
In this game, only one of the Canadian special rules applied, saving a Troop commander of the recon company.  Semi indirect fire did not play a role.
Firefly’s can really kill a Tiger.
Recon is best when spread out.  The more area it is taking up, the more area exists where there is no ambush.  In this game it prevented the left 6 inches of the town from having an ambush, but that did not prevent Troop ‘B’ from being assaulted without defensive fire.
:) Alot of Monty Python Dialog can be taken out of context for this and future AAR's.:)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Great Expectations

Canadian Armored Squadron vs. the German 326 Infantry Division

On Monday night, I took my freshly painted 4th Canadian Armored Division, 22nd Armored Regiment "Canadian Grenadier Guards", Canadian Armored Squadron, "Monty's Pythons", on its first run.  I was facing Steven Turn's German 326 Infantry Division.

I had high hopes for my Canadians.  And had run many scenarios in my mind on how they would be run.  Of course, no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, and this was no exception.

The Lists:
Canadian Armor Confident Trained:
                Command teams, 4 Shermans and one ARV
                1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armored Platoons each of 3 Shermans, and a  Firefly.
                3 Stuarts in a single Platoon.
                Motorized Rifle Platoon of 6 MG/Rifle Teams, Mortar team, Piat, and Commander.

German Infantry Confident Trained:
                HQ with 2 mortars, Panzershreks
                3 Infantry Platoons of 6 MG/Rifle Teams, Mortar team, some Panzerfausts.
                3 PAK 40’s
                3 STG’s
                2 Jagdpanthers (Confident Vet)
                2 SiG 33’s
                3 Nebelwerfers  (Confident Vet)

The Mission:
                No Retreat.  Deployment zones are on the short edge of the board.  Attacker wins if he can take an objective, defender wins if no attackers are on his side of the board on turn 6.  Defender has at least half his forces in Reserve.

The Board:
                The center 3 or so feet of the board was totally clear of terrain.  About 18” from each short table edge was at least 4 pieces of terrain.  On one side, 4 woods, the other side a pair of woods, two hills, and a small Village.  

Defending side on top, Attacking side near bottom
                The Germans chose the side of the board with 4 woods pieces covering most of the board.  He placed his objective the minimum distance from the table edge allowed, behind a woods.  The Attacker placed his objective in the clear area as far from the short table edge as possible.
                The German placed an Infantry Platoon in an arc around the objective in the open  attached to that was is Company Commander, and mortar teams.  A second infantry platoon in the woods in front of the second objective.  His PaK 40 and SiG platoons were placed in ambush.  The mission allowed for all forces to be deployed “Dug-in” and “Gone-to-ground.”     
                The attacker, from left to right had an 'A' Armored Platoon, 'B' Armored Platoon, Motorized Infantry Platoon, (deployed dismounted, in column), Company Commander + 3 Shermans, 'C' Armored Platoon, and Stuart Platoon. 

Turn 1
                Most of Turn 1 was spent getting the attacking platoons to negotiate the narrow areas around the terrain.  Then fanning out for bombardment operations.  Some shots were made, but no results.  The defenders held their ground, but unveiled their PaK 40’s which destroyed two of 'B' Platoons Sherman’s at long range.

Turn 1, 'B' Armored Platoon with two Shermans already on fire.

 Turn 2. 
'B' Armored, 'C' Armored, and the Company Commanders tanks all focused on the PaK 40’s, while the other 'A' Armored tried to soften up the Infantry Platoon.  One PaK was destroyed, the remainder pinned.  Another of 'B' Armored Platoons Sherman was destroyed by the Pinned PaK’s.

326th Infantry defenders.  Note one PAK is smoked, one is destroyed.
 Turn 3. 
Starting with the Stuart Platoon, I poured it on to the 2 remaining PAK’s till they were Destroyed.   While 'A' Armored Platoon, the motorized infantry platoon, and all the independent teams closed in on the Infantry Platoon dug in around the objective.  But even with 7 tank guns, 8 .50 cals and 16 MG’s, all that was accomplished was pinning the defending infantry.  In their turn, the Germans unveiled their other ambush, the SiG’s which started a bombardment of the advancing motorized infantry platoon.  pinning, but not damaging anything.  The defending Jagdpanthers arrive from reserves and immediately picked off the last tank of 'B' Platoon.

Defenders Reserves arriving on cue.
 Turn 4.
      I managed to put “Eyes and Ears” on the German Infantry, so I continued to bombard German positions. But to little avail.  I was getting worse than I gained.  The Jagdpanthers blew up two tanks of 1st Armored Platoon, and his reserve STG’s had arrived.  The STG’s set their sights on the Stuarts, killing one, causing the rest to redeploy, effectively taking them out of the game.

'A' and 'B'Armored Platoons are burning, Motorized Infantry Platoon is pinned.
 Turn 5.

      Realizing that I was running out of tanks faster than Steve was running out of infantry, I took a chance on assaulting the German Line.  The 'C' Armored Platoon went in first, killing two German teams.  The Germans then counter assaulted, killing a tank.  The Canadians failed Motivation, and drove off.  Then it was the Motorized Infantry Platoon’s turn.  They moved in, dispersing all in front of them.  When the dust settled the Germans were left with only two mortars, and the German Company Commander to contest the objective.

     Then the Jagdpanthers drove to within 4 inches from the objective, finishing off the 1st Tank Platoon in the process.  The STG’s also drove to short range and started killing 'C' Platoon.  While the SiG’s scored their first hits on the Motorized Infantry Platoon, which hadn’t had a chance to dig in yet, killing 2 and pinning. 

'C' Armored Platoon charges, and destroys most of the defending 326th Infantry.
     We did turn 6, but it was just a pick up.  The Motorized Infantry Platoon stayed pinned, while the German Armor resisted all attempts of our tanks to penetrate their thick hulls.  The STG’s and Jagdpanthers picked up most of the remaining tanks including the CIC, leaving just one tank from 3rd Platoon, and 2 Stuarts left on the field.

Lessons Learned.
                The game is about the objectives.  While I was trying to “economically” defeat the defenders defending the objective, I was actually giving the defender time to mass his forces against me.  “In the ultimate, victory through excess was cheaper than defeat without waste.”  Rather than sit off and bombard, however much that was to my advantage, I really needed to charge into the defending infantry and secure the objective.

                Recon units.  Learn to use them properly.  I forgot their pregame move, forgot they move 16” and used them as a flank guard rather than their primary mission of either interdicting ambushes or employing “eyes and ears.”