Sunday, July 27, 2014

Something You Don't See Everyday

Here is something you don't see everyday.  We were traveling down Route 100, Pennsylvania, and this is what was parked in the local Harley Davidson dealership:

Sturmgesch├╝tz III
The conversation in the car went as follows:
"Oh my god, we have to stop back at the Harley dealership on the way back."
"Why, because of the blood drive."
"No they have a Sturmgesch├╝tz, you must have missed it because of the cammo."
My wife then pulled over to turn around.
"Thanks, but you don't have to do it now."
"It may not be there when we get back."
"It's a World War II tank, they don't move much!"

I am glad she did, and it was an impressive piece to look out.  I have found out today it is actually a replica built for the "Band of Brothers" mini series.  It was really good though, down to the Zimmerit anti-magnetic coating.

Close up of the forward port side, note the zimmerit coating.

This STG-III is owed by the 9th Reenactment Society which reenacts the 9th SS "Hohenstaufen" Division.
They generously provided the transport and setup in an effort to gather attention for a blood drive being run at the Harley Davidson Dealership.  Kudos to all involved.