Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Battle of 1000 Sheets :)

A Headless Body production.

Location: JK’s Bathroom
Players: Simba, Fearless, Trained, Tabby
   TP, Confident, Trained
Mission: Ambush
Game: Free Form

The Board:
6 by 6 feet. Pristine bathroom, with dual level shelving on the left flank, toilet center, and sink forward zone.

TP took high ground on the first shelf, left flank.  Concealed and Dug in.
Simba deployed centerline at the door.

Realizing that TP lacked any effective range weaponry, Simba doubletimed to the base of the shelving.

Simba passed her bog check and climbed the shelving, launching the assault, there was a hard, quickly- fought skirmish.  The slothlike TP didn’t have a chance and the ground was littered with shreds of plastic packaging and gobs of moist, gummy toilet tissue.  All of the twelve rolls of tissue attacked have survived, although the extensive damage to the outer 1000 sheets will necessitate extreme amputation of several layers.  Little of the outer packaging survived.  There is much cleaning to be done when we arrive home this evening.  We have learned from this horrific experience that going forward, we must store the now vulnerable remaining tissue in a safer kitty-resistant place; perhaps a large plastic bin away from this sad, paper-strewn battleground.


  1. Great report! Obviously, the german cat dominated the battlefield...looks like a Tiger I.

  2. I think it is a Porsche Tiger (beta), but it has been since upgraded to an Elefant.