Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Credits for the various WWII histories in this blog. 

            “Hitler’s Legions” by Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.  Stein And Day Publishing.
             “Red Army Order of Battle” by A.Z. Conner  & R.G. Poirer.  Presidio Press.

Published by George F Nafziger:
“German Order of Battle World War II”, Volumes 1-7, by George F. Nafziger
“Soviet Order of Battle World War II”, Volumes 1-12, by Charles C. Sharp
“Italian Order of  Battle World War II”, Volumes 1-3, by George F. Nafziger
"The British Armies in World War Two An Organizational History", Volumes 1-3 by David Hughes, James Broshot and Alan Philson.

Plus numerous other Orders of Battles for various scenarios, published by George Nafziger.

            By Schiffer Publishing;
            “The German Infantry Handbook 1939-1945”, by Alex Buchner. Particular interest to page 65, about killing T-34’s with “pieces of wood, stone, clumps of earth, into gun barrels in order to make the barrels burst.”
            “Panzer-Grenadier, Motorcycle & Panzer Reconnaissance Units”, by Horst Scheibert.
            “Germany’s Panther Tank”, by Thomas L. Jentz

            By Men-At-Arms;
            “The Panzer Divisions”, by Martin Windrow and Richard Hook.
            “The Romanian Army Of World War 2”, by Mark Axworthy and Horia Serbanescu.

            “The Luftwaffe War Diaries”, by Cajus Bekker.
“Handbook on German Military Forces”, by the U.S. War Department, published by Louisiana State University Press.
            “War in the East”, by the staff of Strategy & Tactics Magazine, Simulations Publications, Inc.
            “Who’s Who in World War II”, edited by John Keegan, Oxford University Press.           

            “Third Axis, Fourth Ally”, by Mark Axworthy, Cornel Scafes, Cristian Craciunoiu, published by Arms and Armor Press

  “Kursk 1943”, by Mark Healy, DAG Publications Ltd. for Osprey Publishing Ltd., 1993.
   "There's a War to Be Won: The United States Army in World War", by Geoffrey Perret.  This is an absolute must read if you are a student of the US Army history.

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